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        Frequently asked question:

        • 1. How long does it take for a skin to be sent?
          Skins are sent automatically. Therefore, the ordered skin will be sent to your account within maximally 30 seconds. Skin status can be checked by means of the ACCOUNT tab that is accessible after logging in to our website.
        • 2. How to place an order for a skin to be sent?
          Enter the ACCOUNT tab and click „Receive”. Then accept the exchange offer on Steam.
        • 3. How to collect the ordered skin?
          Just click HERE.
        • 4. Ordered skin changed its status to „We could not send the item due to the user's fault. Check our FAQ.”. What should I do?
          The said notification informs you that you have a kind of Steam exchange ban. Possible reasons are as follows: password change within last 7 days, e-mail address change within last 5 days, activation of the Steam Guard within last 15 days, or the failure to activate the latter. To learn more about Steam exchange bans, click HERE.
        • 5. What is the Trade URL and how can I get it?
          Trade URL is required for the BOT to send you the ordered Skin. Trade URL can be transferred from Steam by clicking HERE or entering the following: Item Inventory > Trade offers > Who can send me Trade Offers? > Third-Party Sites.
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