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        Frequently asked question:

        • 1. How can I withdraw the skin I dropped from the case?
          You cannot withdraw the skins you dropped from the cases. However, you can sell them and for received balance you can buy any skin you want from the "Withdraw" section.
        • Why there is a small amount of skins in "Market" section?
          Skins showed there belong to other users. Everyday, there are many new skins deposited by other players, you just need to be patient.
        • Why I can't withdraw the skins I dropped?
          We had to change our system due to Valve trade changes. The current system is now more suitable to all these changes.
        • 4. My offer is blocked. What can I do?
          You need to wait 10 minutes. If it is still blocked, you need to contact our support by clicking right bottom corner tab called "CONTACT".
        • 5. How long do I have to wait for a reply from Support?
          We've got 24/7 Support so you should get the reply within few minutes. However, in some cases it may take few hours or even few days.
        • 6. How to deposit skins?
          You can do it by clicking "Deposit Items" in "Withdraw" tab or you can click on "+" next to your avatar and user name and then click on "P2P Deposit".
        • 7. How is the maximum price of the skin I want to deposit in market calculated?
          The maximum price you can deposit your skin for is calculated based on the suggested price of the skin (+10%) and the stickers on it (50% sticker's price but no more than 10% of suggested skin price). Example: Suggested price for skin is $10, so you can deposit the skin for maximum $11. If there is a sticker on that skin worth $5, you can deposit the skin for maximum $12.
          We recommend you to deposit the skins for suggested or lower price. The cheaper skin the higher chance it will be sold quicker.