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Loot boxes and gambling

In the public's opinion, there is a very fine line between sites that offer users cases (commonly known as loot boxes) with skins, in which the odds of getting items are openly presented, and sites that host gambling games such as roulette or sportsbook. Our service is not a gambling service, as every purchase results in a functional product. Moreover, if you're an active CS2 player you can use our service free of charge, by utilizing the free Daily Case feature. Globally, some countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden have decided to ban loot boxes, but most countries consider loot boxes to be a separate form of entertainment that should be regulated for, among other things, accessibility to minors, but not banned.

Our attitude towards minors

Most countries do not ban loot boxes for minors and PEGI does not label games containing them as +18. Nevertheless, we have decided to make our service available only to adults, as we believe that boxes should be an informed consumer's choice and Counter-Strike itself is available for ages 18 and up according to PEGI. We enforce this in the following ways:

  • informing users before they register and log in on our website about the fact that the service is intended for adults only
  • requiring our marketing partners to label materials as +18
  • rejecting partnership proposals with creators whose audience may consist primarily of minors (including creators with predominantly Roblox and Minecraft content)
  • ongoing analysis of users' accounts on our social media as well as on the site in search of people who, in our opinion, are not of age and should not be allowed to use the service. There are multiple factors that we we take into account, among other things, style of expression, linked accounts with Discord's profile on other services, such as YouTube. The accounts of such users are immediately blocked on our social media as well as on the site to the best of our ability

Transparency is the key

We are fair to our users, the odds in the cases are transparent, items shown during the case opening animation accurately reflect these odds, and every single result is verifiable through a system known as Provably fair, which we are constantly working on to make it even easier to understand for the average user. Unfortunately, some of our competitors did not implement similar solutions to this day, and they are not even present in Counter-Strike or FIFA itself.

We are not the first

It's worth noting that throughout the history, loot boxes have been widely accepted in the minds of consumers, among others the list consists of:

  • Trading Card Games (such as Pokémon and soccer players)
  • Gashapon (toy capsules distributed by vending machines)
  • Surprise bags
  • Sweets with a hidden mystery toy
  • Mystery boxes subscriptions, containing e.g. candies, gadgets

Enough is as good as a feast

When we find a desired toy in a chocolate egg, our brain releases dopamine, resulting in feelings of pleasure. The same process also occurs after winning a game or eating something tasty. Unfortunately, people tend to become addicted to pleasure, so we allow our users to impose a timeout as soon as they ask us to block their account. We have recently made it possible to lock one's account as a feature on the site and, importantly, it is not cancellable, either by the user himself or the websites' staff.

Let's create a better tomorrow

We are open to enter into talks to regulate the loot box market and comply with the rules of specific countries, thus we want to counter services that cheat their users and violate our good name.

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